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Pratical tip 2: 3M Dual Lock, it's amazing!

With the 3M dual lock you can add anything to your quadcopter from batteries (in addition to straps), receivers, transmitters etc. It's strong, detachable and very easy to use. Just cut the right size for both parts you wish to connect and lock it!

I used it for my battery. Stick some on the frame and battery and click, strap it and you are ready tot go!

Also my receiver is sticked to the frame this way :)
I just love it!
For smaller parts (< 1 cm2) it might be unasble. Other non-detachable stuff would be better off using double-sided tape.
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Practical tip 1: installing propellors on a X shaped quadcopter

Motor spin direction layout for a quadcopter X shaped setup

CW - clockwise  (pusher propeller, usually has a R added to the type. eg:5030R, 4045R)
CWW - counter clockwise (tractor propeller)
Propellors sometimes have arrows which should correspond to the image above, but usually the propellors have the type written on them. To check whether the propellors are installed correctly, the text should point (facing towards the direction) in the direction the propellor will be moving according to the layout above.

Extra tip when using CWW/CW motors: First place the CW motor on the CW location as in the diagram, for CWW motor on CWW location ;). The nut fasten direction is the opposite of the spin direction! If you hold the nut and spin the motor in the direction it should move (see layout above), the nut will fasten. This way you know your CW/CWW motor is installed in the right place :)

For more information see go here!

Connect Diatone SP3 VTX OSD and KISS FC using MWOSD

A lot of people were having troubles setting up the OSD with the KISS FC as I have. I put my findings in this little post, hoping things will become easier for others. There are a few important steps you will have to go to first before setting up the final OSD. First of all you will need a working USB connection. Which should to be an easy step, but can lead to some frustration. Next step is preparing the SP3 with the right OSD software. The SP3 VTX OSD comes with MWOSD 1.6 firmware flashed, which doesn’t include KISS FC yet, maybe in the next version. For now you will have to download an altered version of MWOSD and compile it for a KISS setup. Then flash it to the SP3 OSD. If the USB connection and flashing worked correctly, of course your hardware should be connected too. Once all in place you should see an OSD on your goggle screen. Last step is to configure the OSD to your likings using the MWOSD GUI. Happy flying!

Warning: The SP3 VTX will get hot even at 25 mW, so cool it someho…